File:Snowfur by leftysmudgez-d3le3lp.jpg
Snowfur is a thick-furred graceful white she-cat with gray tipped ears, blue eyes, long legs, and a fluffy tail.


Mother: Moonflower

Father: Stormtail

Sister: Bluestar

Mate: Thistleclaw

Son: Whitestorm

Uncle: Goosefeather

Nieces: Mistystar; Mosskit

Nephew: Stonefur

Grandnephew: Reedwhisker

Grandsons: Sootfur; Rainwhisker

Grandaughter: Sorreltail

Great-Grandson: Molepaw

Great-Grandaughters: Poppyfrost; Cinderheart; Honeyfern; Lilykit; Seedkit

Great-Great-Grandkits: Molekit; Cherrykit.

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