Patchpelt is a small sleek black and white tom with amber eyes.


Mates: Robinwing; Willowpelt

Sons: Graystripe; Longtail

Father: Adderfang

Mother: Swiftbreeze

Brother: Redtail

Sisters: Leopardfoot; Spottedleaf

Distant Ancestors: Cloudstar; Birdflight; Spottedpelt; Gorseclaw

Nephews:Tigerstar; Darkstripe; Rainwhisker; Sootfur

Nieces: Nightkit; Mistkit; Sorreltail; Sandstorm

Grand-nephews: Brambleclaw; Hawkfrost; Tadpole; Molepaw

Grand-nieces: Tawnypelt; Mothwing; Cinderheart; Honeyfern; Poppyfrost; Leafpool; Squirrelflight

Great-grandnephews: Molepaw; Lionblaze; Jayfeather; Flametail; Tigerheart

Great-grandnieces: Cherrypaw; Hollyleaf;Dawnpelt

Grandsons: Stormfur; Bumblestripe

Grandaughters: Feathertail; Briarlight; Blossomfall

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