Hi Welcome to LightClan, we are the fierce and the protectors. We have a river and dense forests, where light peaks through the trees. If you want to role play, or chat you can do it on the page's talk. or in the provided space under the heading, ex.Clearing.

We hunt mice, fish, and voles. If you want to join please leave a message on my talk (Leader) or this page's talk.

Leader:User:Rainfur123 (rp Heatherstar)

Deputy: User:TinkerClaw (<- aka Light) Our Symbol

Medicne Cat:

Senior Warriors: User:Tigerheart273






This is where cats share tongues, and eat their catch.


This is where the Leader makes anouccments.


Leader's Den Edit

This is where the leader sleeps and you can talk privaetly here.

Leader&#039;s den

Medicne Cat Den/ Herb StorageEdit

This is where the med cat and her apprentice sleeps, and stores herbs.

Med Cat den

Warriors DenEdit

This is where the warriors sleep.

Warrior Den

Apprentice DenEdit

This is where the apprentices sleep.

Apprentice Den


This is where queens and kits play and rest.


Elders DenEdit

This is where the elders sleep.

Elder Den

This is LightClan's territoryEdit

If you have any ideas about what to add to the terriory leave a message on my talk: User:Rainfur123

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