Crowtail is a black tabby she-cat.


Unknown at the moment


Super Editions:

Crookedstar's Promise:

She is seen stopping beside Crookedjaw, with her Clanmate Acrheye. They congratulate him on becoming deputy, and Crowtail adds in that it is great to see a young cat getting on so well.

Bluestar's Prophecy:

Crowtail does not formally appear in this book, but listed in allegiances. Her apprentice is Cloudpaw, who becomes Cloupelt, the deputy.

Crowtail is also part of the patrol where Bluefur and Snowfur chase across the Thunderpath right before Snowfur gets killed by a monster.

Omen of the Stars Series:

Night Whispers:

Crowtail is seen by Flametail at the Moonpool, when he recives his vision of StarClan shattering. along with other ShadowClan ancestors, Flametail recognizes her.

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