This is a page where members can post their ropeplay characters to join place a request on the talkpage. Make sure to post a description and personality of your character too!



  • Rainstar
  • Leader
  • Silvery-gray she-cat
  • Ice blue eyes
  • Loyal leader
  • Will do anything for her clan


  • Silverclaw
  • Silver and cream colored tabby
  • Green eyes
  • Smart
  • Loves to do good for others


  • Rainheart
  • Medicine Cat
  • Blue-gray she-cat
  • Icy blue eyes
  • Smart and Intelligent
  • Kind to others unless you snap at her 'cause she'll snap back


  • Heatherstar
  • orange, and brown tabby she-cat
  • Leader of LightClan
  • Feirce Green eyes
  • Sneaky, and Thoughtful
  • Will be nice ,but in battle, will be fierce, but will never kill


  • Fenheart
  • light blue-gray she cat with white paws and a white muzzle
  • Deputy of DeepClan
  • Bright turquoise eyes
  • sweet, calm and kind
  • She is loving to her kits and mate, and swift and skilled in battle


  • Whiteblizzard
  • tom
  • blue eyes
  • white coat
  • loyal
  • will give life for his clan

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