Bluestar is a blue-gray she-cat, with thick long fur and piercing icy, blue eyes.

Family TreeEdit

Mother: Moonflower

Father: Stormtail

Sister: Snowfur

Uncle: Goosefeather

Nephew: Whitestorm

Daughters: Mosskit, Mistyfoot

Son: Stonefur

Mate: Oakheart

Mentor(s): Stonepelt, Sunstar

Apprentices: Frostfur, Runningwind, and Firestar

Leader and Deputy PositionsEdit

Leader Position (preceded by): Sunstar

Leader Position (succeded by):Firestar

Deputy Postion (preceded by): Tawnyspots

Deputy Position (succeded by): Redtail

Positions Seen InEdit

Kit: Charat Needed

Apprentice: Charat Needed

Warrior: Charat Needed

Deputy: Charat Needed

Leader: Charat Needed

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